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Chris Hartman Photography

WHO Hello, my name is Chris Hartman. I am a Regina based teacher by day and photographer in my spare time. I grew up in rural Saskatchewan, and that is where my true passion for photography was born.

WHAT I enjoy shooting the prairie landscape and the people that make up this great province. I like shoot in a variety of situations, from portraits and engagements to landscape and rural photography. If I had a favorite genre of photography, it would be Romanticizing the Rural. I love the small town, rural, and agriculture background and love to capture the people that make up those communities.

WHERE I love to travel! I have amassed a long list of countries visited over the years from South Africa to South East Asia, Europe and all over North America. My bags are packed for any destination, near or far.

WHEN Evenings, weekends, and holiday breaks. I abide by the school calendar, as my first passion is working with children. WHY I love teaching, but it is not always instantly gratifying. While there are many rewards in my job, I may not see the results in my students until they are well into their adulthood, and selfishly may never be thanked. Photography satisfies my need to be instantly rewarded with great photos.

HOW Photography starts with communication. Please send me your information and I will get back to you. From there we can discuss what you are looking for and how I can meet your needs.